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Is an Estate Auction Right for You?

If you decide that an estate auction is our best option for you, Bid City Auction Company will work hard to connect bidders to your items and get it sold!

We market to bidders both locally and across the country through online auctions to get the most eyes on your items possible! Bid City Auction Company is the only auction company in the state of Wisconsin to offer shipping with NO HANDLING FEES! This leaves bidders with more money to bid on your items and puts more money in your pocket!

The estate auction will be held onsite at your location where we'll handle all the details. We'll catalog, photograph, and list your items while they remain securely where they are. Once the auction is over, local buyers will pick the items they've won and we'll handle all of the shipping to out of town buyers. Once the auction is over and payments have cleared you will receive a check without the headache of selling it on your own

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