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I have been left with an estate and I don't know what to do with it all.


Bid City Auction Company offers a free, no obligation estate liquidation consultation. We will listen to you and tell you about the options we have to help you liquidate your estate so you can move forward with what's next. 


I want all of it gone NOW but don't know who to call to make that happen.


Our estate buyout service might be perfect for you! We'll tell you up front what we'll pay. We do all of the packing, loading, and hauling of the entire houseful. In a matter of days, you'll be left with a clutter-free house and cash in your pocket. We'll take care of everything. This is our Simple, Fast, Hassle-free Guarantee! 


If you're ready to get out from under the estate you've been left to deal with, call Crystal at 920-988-4137 for a free estate liquidation consultation.

​I want to the market to decide how much my estate is worth...let's have an estate auction!


We would love to conduct your estate auction! If you decide this is the best option for your situation, we'll fit you into our auction schedule very quickly.


Your items will stay securely onsite at the home of the estate until the auction is over. We'll do all of the pre-work and conduct the online auction from there. We'll catalog, photograph, and sell your items. After the auction is over, winning bidders will pick their items up. Once all payments have cleared, we'll leave you with a check. We'll provide you with a specific timeline beforehand so you know exactly what to expect!

I have been collecting for many years but I am ready to sell part of my collection.


Consider consigning your collection in one of our many nationwide online auctions throughout the year. We will work hard to promote your collection and reach buyers with our targeted online advertising. We'll help you turn your collection into CASH!

If you're ready to sell, give Crystal a call at 920-988-4137 to learn how we can make it happen!

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